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A Hydroponic System: Your Next Best Investment

There are some serious growers in this day and age. Sure, building a garden at home is a fun little project, but some people want to grow smarter, larger, and with more efficient water usage. It’s good for the environment and your building depending on what it’s used for. And we’re here for it.

A hydroponic system allows for the growing of several crops without very much soil, and with an extremely efficient way of using water.

The water serves as the delivery mechanism for the much-needed nutrients that the plants need, and the plants can grow in specific ways that work for your building or space.

We’ll discuss more down below how hydroponic systems in Somerville, NJ can help you and your business grow.

The Advantages of Hydroponic Growing Systems

Land is always growing more expensive. We divide property up as much as we can, but purchasing enough space to grow a garden or farm crops is a tough investment. This means using the space you have is a science that can pay off tremendously for farmers or urban gardeners.

Hydroponics is the solution to the problem of not having enough space to grow crops or plants. The plants depend on a constant stream of nutrients that are delivered through the water system, which is just basic plumbing. The trick is setting up your hydroponic growing system in a way that utilizes height so gravity can wash away the wastewater.

One major advantage to a hydroponic garden is being able to use less or no soil with more water. If you have easy access to cheap water, but not very much access to soil or land, then this system will pay off. Also, a hydroponic garden can be used easily for tall buildings and rooftop gardens that might have sun but no soil.

The Disadvantages of Hydroponic Gardening

If your area has expensive water, either due to droughts or changing weather conditions, then a hydroponic garden is going to be difficult to maintain. These systems rely on water that is not naturally brought to the plants, which means you’re going to need to pay for the constant stream of water that is used.

Hydroponic gardens use a lot of water, albeit efficiently. This means that if you’ve got a good source of soil and a creek somewhere on your property, then you might not need a hydroponic system. In fact, a conventional sprinkler might be a better choice for your specific situation.

When to Choose a Conventional Sprinkler

Sprinklers are often a cheaper alternative to hydroponic systems. They’re basically a simple plumbing device that delivers water from a main water line to the plants or grass of your property. They don’t need to deliver nutrients, since that’s what the soil is for.

For people who already have access to plenty of land and a main water line, then a hydroponic system would likely be an expensive addition that wouldn’t really do more than a sprinkler.

To learn more about hydroponic gardening, or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with Schaible’s Mechanical.

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