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Best Practices for Commercial AC

Sometimes, the problem with an air conditioner isn’t anything physical, but rather how we use it. Commercial air conditioners can be large, covered by a pretty extensive warranty, and overall used efficiently. But they can also be bumped, thermostats can be broken, and they can be overused to the point of becoming problematic.

Today, we’d like to take the power away from these systems and put it into your hands. Being a more proactive and vigilant owner of commercial air conditioning in Flemington, NJ means having more control over how the system operates and how efficiently it runs. If you can follow some of these best practices as guidelines, then you might see some benefits in the near future.

None of these tips should be looked at as a replacement for necessary AC repairs, which our team can do. Just remember to invest in repairs when they’re needed, but otherwise, find ways to try and change things on your own when they’re not.

Better Control Over the Thermostat

First, let’s talk about one thing that might have a pretty huge impact on your monthly bills and your HVAC system as a whole. Whoever controls the thermostat controls the efficiency and comfort of your entire establishment. You might have different thermostats in different areas (if you’ve got a large building), but the same can still be applied.

Make sure that people are running their thermostats optimally and that they’re aware of the consequences when they set things too high or too low. Especially if you’ve got tenants that end up paying a portion of the energy bill, they’ll likely change their habits if they see just how much money or energy is being wasted by a poorly set thermostat.

Industrial HVAC units might be more powerful than residential ones, but they still need a break. Set your thermostat to a mild temperature threshold, like the mid-70s on a summer’s day, so that they’re not being overworked.

Circulating Fan Systems

Industrial HVAC systems require powerful fans to circulate cooled or heated air throughout your building. This can be achieved with either built-in ventilation fans, or ceiling fans.

Think about it this way–if your building isn’t designed to circulate air properly, then you’ve likely got pockets of air conditioning that are never or will never be felt by anyone. This is a waste and it’s something that should be avoided, which is why a circulating fan system is an important thing to consider.

Better Ventilation Means Better Comfort

Fans aren’t the only important metric when it comes to air circulation, your ducts should be cleaned and in good shape. Our team can provide ample duct support for buildings that are dealing with efficiency problems when it comes to their HVAC system.

Easy Access to Fresh Air

If the air is comfortable outdoors, then encourage your employees, tenants, and customers to open the windows. Fresh air is not just comfortable when temperatures are mild, but it’s also cleaner than indoor air.

Allowing people inside your building to have better access to fresh air means they’re less likely to develop respiratory illnesses or raise complaints about the stuffiness of the air.

For all things commercial comfort, contact Schaible’s Mechanical!

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