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Water Distribution Systems in Hampton, NJ

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Water distribution systems are the core of freshwater transmission inside a residential, commercial, or industrial facility. They use several methods and configurations to move potable water to distribution sites. For your water distribution system needs in New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania, rely on the experts at Schaible's Mechanical.

We take pride in our innovative approaches—we are never tied to “the way it’s always done.” Call us today for a quote.

Contact us at our Hampton, NJ office for your water distribution system needs throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.


Methods of Water Distribution

These are the four main methods of water distribution for commercial spaces:

  • Dead-end or Tree: A main pipe runs through the building and sub-mains branch off from it.
  • Gridiron: A main pipe runs through the building, but the sub-mains branch off perpendicular from the main and interconnect from the sub-mains so there are no dead ends.
  • Circular or Ring: The supply main forms a ring around the facility and the sub-mains connect crosswise to the main and each other.
  • Radial: The building has a central reservoir and supply pipes that run radially to distribution areas.


You won’t need to worry about which of various water distribution methods will work best for your facility. You can leave this work to our skilled technicians. As a design/build contractor, we take care of every step of the installation process, starting with finding the ideal design, then selecting the right piping materials (PEX, CPVC, copper piping) to meet your facility’s requirements.


Schaible's Mechanical is here to help when you run into repair needs for your water distribution system in New Jersey or Eastern PA, or elsewhere in our service area. We’re approachable people who can answer your questions and will get to know the needs of your business.

Why Choose Schaible's Mechanical?

  • We’re a one-stop shop for commercial project design and implementation (design/build)
  • We care about the quality of our work and treat our customers with integrity and respect

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