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Snowmelt Systems and Ice Melt Systems

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Based in Hampton, Hunterdon County NJ Serving New Jersey and Eastern PA

Snowmelt and ice melting systems are crucial for many businesses and commercial sites. Removing snow and ice build-up helps make for a safer environment and protects property from damage. Schaible's Mechanical provides full service to install and repair commercial snowmelt systems in the Northeast, we can help you with your snowmelt and ice melt systems throughout New Jersey and Eastern PA as we are conveniently located in Hampton, NJ.

We have a history serving customers in the area. We’ve been family-owned from the start and understand the challenges that local businesses face. We aim to earn your trust with our high-quality work, the value we provide, and our integrity.

Contact us at our Hampton, NJ office for your snowmelt system needs in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.



Snowmelt systems provide several benefits for commercial, industrial, retail, and utility sites:

  • Makes walkways, driveways, and other open spaces safer
  • Prevents damage from snow and ice-clearing equipment
  • Removes ice and snow build-up that can cause property damage
  • Automated operation for greater convenience and peace of mind


An effective snowmelt system needs a customized design to work its best. This is exactly what you get when you contract our team for the work. We handle all steps of the snowmelt and ice melt system installation, starting with an optimized design, including monitoring systems.


During the winter in New Jersey and Easetern Pennsylvania, businesses will rely heavily on snowmelt and ice melting systems to continue operating. Schaible's Mechanical is standing by to help if you encounter faults with your snowmelt system. We can answer all your questions and provide excellent solutions.

Why Choose Schaible's Mechanical?

  • We’re a one-stop shop for commercial project design and implementation (design/build)
  • We care about the quality of our work and treat our customers with integrity and respect
  • We value innovation and continually strive to find solutions that improve service to our customers

Serving New Jersey and More

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