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Do You Have a Gas Leak?

Monday, April 3rd, 2023

Gas leaks are a known fire hazard. We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where a gas leak plays a critical plot point, due to the fact that it’s such a dangerous thing to encounter. However, real life isn’t like the movies or TV shows.

While gas leaks are still dangerous and critical problems to have fixed, they’re usually due to faulty gas piping in Hillsborough Township, NJ and beyond.

The first step when you suspect a gas leak in your commercial establishment is to evaluate the premises and call for help. Your nose might be keen to pick up the leaking gas and even source the leak, but you’ll be endangering yourself and others by trying to fix this problem on your own.

Let’s go into detail about why a gas leak can be so dangerous and why it’s vital that you have our team perform any gas piping services you might require.

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