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Do You Have a Gas Leak?


Gas leaks are a known fire hazard. We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where a gas leak plays a critical plot point, due to the fact that it’s such a dangerous thing to encounter. However, real life isn’t like the movies or TV shows.

While gas leaks are still dangerous and critical problems to have fixed, they’re usually due to faulty gas piping in Hillsborough Township, NJ and beyond.

The first step when you suspect a gas leak in your commercial establishment is to evaluate the premises and call for help. Your nose might be keen to pick up the leaking gas and even source the leak, but you’ll be endangering yourself and others by trying to fix this problem on your own.

Let’s go into detail about why a gas leak can be so dangerous and why it’s vital that you have our team perform any gas piping services you might require.

The Science Behind Gas Lines

Gas lines can come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are flexible, meaning they can bend and twist without breaking. Others might be large, powerful gas lines that flow directly from your local municipality. Regardless, they all have one thing in common–the natural gas that flows through them.

Natural gas is injected with a chemical called “mercaptan.” This chemical is important because it gives natural gas that foul odor we can usually associate with it. The odor, or rotten egg-like smell, is what allows our noses to pick up the scent so we can detect a gas leak with ease.

Also, any place with gas lines should have a carbon monoxide and smoke detector system. These units will help protect you from the undetectable dangers in the air that could come from the burning of natural gas, like carbon monoxide or smoke.

Why Amateur Work Won’t Do

Amateurs won’t be very helpful for gas line services or installation. This is because they might perform the work incorrectly or use the wrong-sized tools, which can inevitably lead to a gas leak. Gas leaks will shut down the operation of your whole business and be a major detriment to productivity, as well as the safety of your patrons.

A Handy Guide to a Gas Leak

Need a clear-cut response to a gas leak in your commercial space? Then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a step-by-step guide to encountering a gas leak.

  1. Detect the gas. Whether it’s your nose picking up the smell of mercaptan in the gas, or if you have an employee or customer who picks it up, all gas leak signs should be taken seriously. Don’t try and figure out whether it’s really gas or something else, let an emergency professional do that.
  2. Evacuate the premises. Make sure everyone is safe and away from the affected area. Don’t try to search for the gas leak source yourself, since you’ll be putting yourself and anyone else nearby at risk.
  3. Contact a professional. Give our call a team or, if it’s an especially scary situation, call 9-11. The earlier you call for help the better.

Contact Schaible’s Mechanical for any gas piping services you need.

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