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Why Invest in an HVAC Energy Audit?

An HVAC energy audit, or an HVAC energy assessment as some people might call it, is an evaluation of your establishment’s electrical power use. This also takes into account the relationship between your energy use, your comfort, and your safety, to paint a broad picture of how things look now and what can be done in the future to make these better.

There are two main types of energy audits. There are DIY audits that can be done by regular people to give a brief overview of how much energy is being used and how comfortable you are in your home. These are obviously free but less accurate and sometimes can be biased. A professional HVAC energy audit is going to give you intricate details about the place’s energy use, as well as comfort and safety details, like the status of carbon monoxide detectors, room-by-room examinations, and even an audit of your commercial HVAC system.

Let’s discuss how an HVAC energy audit in Flemington, NJ can help you in the long run.

Energy Efficiency Measuring

In order to operate a modern business in the 21st century, it needs to be energy efficient. Electricity costs are higher than they ever have been, and more people are electrifying their buildings, which means that the cost will only increase. With more demand, comes higher prices!

So, the less energy you can use, the more money you’ll save and the more environmentally friendly you’ll be. This is especially important if we’re experiencing more dramatic storms that lead to power outages, placing less of a burden on the electrical grid means more power gets reserved for hospitals, emergency workers, and elderly care centers.

Every single Kilowatt counts! That’s why our HVAC energy audit can find amazing new ways to save you energy and costs in the future. Meet with one of our experts today and we’ll show you practices, devices, and even system upgrades that can hugely reduce your energy usage.


A more efficient, modern, and attended-to HVAC system is going to keep you and your customers more comfortable. This is just a fact. If you decide to upgrade your HVAC system to make it safer and more energy efficient, then you’ll also be improving the comfort of your building at the same time. These things all correlate with one another, and you’d be surprised how much more comfortable you can be with an HVAC expert on your side.


If you’ve got an industrial gas furnace, or multiple gas-burning appliances, then you likely have some devices that measure carbon monoxide in the air to preserve the safety of your commercial space. This might seem like a simple thing, but it’s incredibly important and deserves the attention that a professional might give it during an HVAC energy audit.

Our team can revitalize your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, while making sure that they’re placed in strategic locations to protect tenants and employees. We’ll also figure out how much energy they’re using (if much at all) and try to give you recommendations for the future.

Overall, an HVAC energy audit can make sure that your appliances are working correctly, efficiently, and safely while we measure their impact on your building.

Set up an appointment with Schaible’s Mechanical to schedule an HVAC energy audit today!

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