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3 Tips for a Commercial Water Heater Installation

So, your building requires a new commercial water heater. That’s not entirely uncommon, these kinds of systems only last for a certain amount of time, and whether you’re expanding to a new building, or replacing the water heater in your old building, you’ve now got a decision ahead of you.

What kind of system do you choose? How does it get properly installed? Does it need to be sized a certain way? Is there anything I should know before I make this choice?

Hold your horses! Those are a lot of questions, but they’re all really good and deserve their own well-thought-out answers. As a commercial property owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. There’s just no reason for you to stress out over something that a professional can handle. So, keep reading to get a professional opinion on 3 great tips for commercial water heaters in Warren, NJ.

Always Invest in the Right System for Your Business

There are multiple different types of commercial water heating systems. For instance, there are tankless units which heat the water as it enters your building. Then, there are storage tank water heaters–huge tanks that can provide enough hot water for an entire building at a moment’s notice. The options continue but what’s important is that you choose the right system for your building.

Don’t just invest in the cheapest unit, or listen to a neighboring property owner talk about their favorite water heater. Work with one of our professionals during a comfort consultation to ensure that you get a system that makes you (and your customers) happy.

Get Your Water Heater Sized Correctly

It’s so incredibly important that a commercial water heater gets sized correctly. This isn’t like a residential water heater that just might mean shorter showers and less immediate hot water. This could be an issue with employees not wanting to wash their hands because the hot water keeps running out.

There are more people and systems depending on you when you’ve got a commercial space. Ensuring there’s enough hot water to go around is a necessity, and one that can be measured properly with a well-sized system.

Don’t Hire an Amateur

Look, we’re not saying that amateurs won’t be able to install large, commercial-grade water heaters. But it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Working with an amateur for any commercial plumbing job is just going to run you into more problems. The work could end up being more expensive due to the fact that they’d never installed this kind of system before, or you end up replacing it early due to faulty installation.

Also, an amateur doesn’t have the same level of attentiveness and they’ll rarely set you up with a quality maintenance plan when they leave, meaning you’ll be doing a disservice to your water heating technology.

A professional, on the other hand, will do everything by the book and make sure they don’t leave until you’re all set. Then, pros will be waiting for that call when you need a repair or maintenance appointment, to arrive and help out. The continued service and exceptional results are really worth the extra cost.

Contact Schaible’s Mechanical to get started on your commercial water heater journey!

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