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3 Reasons to Get an Energy Audit

How much electricity are you using right now? How much electricity do you use on a regular basis? We don’t expect customers to know this number off the top of their heads, but it is important to note that you do have access to this information nearby.

The first thing you can use to learn about your energy usage is your utility bill. Utility companies usually give a thorough breakdown of how much electricity you use and how much the rate of usage costs. This is how they structure their pricing and every American property owner has to deal with this process in one way or another.

But things don’t have to be as simple as this. There are places where your building could have some major upgrades that improve energy usage, as long as you detect them with a team of specialists. That’s where our HVAC energy audits in Manville, NJ play a major role.

1. To Make Sure Your Appliances Are Performing Efficiently

The first and easily the most beneficial factor of an HVAC energy audit is understanding where your systems are in terms of the scale of efficiency. Finding out that your AC is working way too hard, running for too long, and it’s just not putting out enough cooling power can be a huge benefit–since you might then start exploring your AC replacement options.

Also, don’t forget your heating! Both heating and cooling systems are part of this audit, which means you can evaluate your building’s efficiency on a yearly basis.

Try and get a series of numbers on how much energy you use per month and why. Once you understand this information, getting your HVAC system repaired or maintained will help.

2. Locate and Minimize Waste

Next step, you can use your HVAC energy audit to locate and minimize any energy waste that might be occurring. Perhaps your AC unit is using too much electricity because it’s got a clogged filter or a failed component. These are easy problems to solve.

Also, reducing energy waste can be great news for your local power grid and even your insurance. This means that you’re less likely to cause strain on the power grid, which means a lower likelihood of blackouts and power failures. This can in-turn mean that you’re more likely to take good care of your building and the appliances, while working hard to keep things running safely.

3. Knowledge Is Power!

Look, some of the benefits that come from an energy audit aren’t as cut and dry as the first two points. In general, knowing how much energy your HVAC system uses, and where the process is the most energy-intensive, can be a great first step in moving towards a more efficient and eco-friendly establishment.

Knowledge is power, and being able to know where your building stands in terms of energy efficiency means you can decide for yourself how to best be more cost-effective with your utilities.

Work with our team to figure out where to go from here. Let’s come up with some post-audit strategies together so you have the tools and systems available to reduce your energy waste and improve your comfort even more!

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