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Gas Piping: Never for DIY

Gas piping work seems simple from the outside. Gas is a flammable substance that gets piped to your business from a local municipality. Once it’s secured to a system like a stove or a furnace, the system simply burns the gas with ignition to create a flame that produces heat. Simple, right?

Well, not exactly. We skipped over a lot in that initial paragraph, and the truth is a lot more complicated than that. And, to make things even more complicated, the risk of doing this work on your own is so hazardous that you could be endangering yourself and your employees. Remember, gas is flammable, which means that even the smallest leak of it could result in a serious fire hazard that could be damaging in more ways than one.

So, the point of this blog is to ensure it’s clear to our customers that gas piping in Manville, NJ should never be installed or repaired by an unlicensed individual. But we’ll use some examples to showcase why.

The Obvious Safety Concerns

Yes, trying to DIY gas pipe installation or repairs is dangerous, but why? Handy building owners don’t just want to hear us warn them about it, you probably want to find out exactly what can go wrong and how common it is.

Well, gas is extremely flammable and relies on multiple secure connections from the plant where it’s produced to the stove or furnace where it will be burned. Any holes or gaps, or even corrosion in this process will cause leaking that can be sparked into a flame.

Since the burn can spread, uncertified gas line installation or repair is not only dangerous (due to the fire hazard), but is illegal in most cases because it can endanger local infrastructure and the city employees that work near it. So, yes, gas lines need to be secured and set up by a professional to mitigate risk as much as possible.

Better Efficiency and Lower Gas Costs

Let’s say you miraculously manage to get a gas line installed and there’s a small leak. As long as it’s not in your building or somewhere near a source of fire, that’s not your problem, right?

Well not exactly. Not only is it still a fire hazard, but you’ll end up paying for the cost of the leaking gas as well. This can mean that your DIY gas line repair, even if you manage to avoid the fines that come your way, can still cost a lot of money in the long run.

Do the more inexpensive option in this case and just call a professional to have it done the right way.

The Perks of Going Pro

First of all, a professional is going to be able to avoid every single issue we’ve talked about in this post. They’ve had the proper training and licensure to avoid major catastrophes, from fire hazards to unsafe diffing practices. This is just par for the course with a professional gas piping contractor.

However, there are more perks of going pro. Sometimes, trying to DIY a project ends up costing way more money to complete than you originally thought. Also, you might end up needing to fix problems that were cause by mishaps while you were learning the ins and outs of this work. This is pretty bad, but it’s avoidable.

A professional is going to give you an estimate that is relatively concrete throughout the whole process. You simply ask us for this service, we provide it, and you pay the simple price that it costs. There’s no funny business in that process, and it’s exactly as easy as it sounds.

Contact Schaible’s Mechanical to get started with professional gas piping services today.

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