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Why an Industrial Boiler Is Still a Good Purchase

Boilers are not new. That’s not a negative, it’s a positive when you find out just how efficient and powerful these heating systems are. They’re so effective, that we’ve been using them for thousands of years, while other heating systems have only existed since the dawn of the industrial revolution.

We’re not kidding! Thanks to their sprawling aqueducts and access to natural resources, the ancient Romans used hot water and steam to keep buildings warm during cold winters or storms. This process was so efficient and effective, that it was used for the next several thousand years right up to this day. And if we have anything to say about it–boilers aren’t going anywhere.

So, if you’re on the fence about your next commercial heating system, let us explain why an industrial boiler in Bridgewater Township, NJ might be the perfect choice for your building.

No Ductwork, No Problem

Many of the buildings in our area are old. We’re not just talking 10-20 years old, we’re talking a century or more. This is great, because there’s a beauty to the aesthetic of an old building. Customers and employees are much more likely to enjoy their time in a building with history and creaky floors, because it feels less sterile and has more personality.

That being said, heating these kinds of buildings can be a nightmare if you’re using a forced-air heating unit. You need to install ductwork which can be a huge investment and invasion of space.

However, boilers only use water lines. In many cases, these water pipes already exist in older buildings, which means a boiler can easily be retrofitted into your old establishment without any new installations. This saves space and money.

The Efficiency of Hot Water

One fun fact about water–it retains heat very well. Once it’s warm, it will stay warm for a long period of time before it cools down or freezes on a cold day. This is good because it means you get to enjoy they warmth of your boiler without using too much power or fuel.

Boilers are very efficient these days, and as long as you’ve got proper insulation in your building, they can easily match the efficiency of furnaces and other conventional heating methods.

Gas or Electric Power

Take your pick! Boilers can use both gas and electricity depending on the size of your building and other factors. Talk to a professional about the preferred heat source you’d like to use for your next heating installation.

Longevity and Durability

There’s one additional way that a boiler is superior over forced-air heating systems like heat pumps or furnaces–and that’s longevity. Furnaces and heat pumps can last between 10-15 years, while a boiler easily lasts 20 years or even longer. This is due mainly to the fact that boilers have fewer moving parts. They’re not constantly moving a fan or a ventilation system to force air to travel in a certain direction. Instead, they use gravity and water pressure which is much less energy intensive and requires less mechanical interaction, leading to components that just last longer!

Schedule a boiler installation with Schaible’s Mechanical to get the most out of your technology.

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