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Don’t Try Gas Line Setup on Your Own


There are very few things we urge our customers not to do on their own. After all, it’s your property, and it’s actually fun to learn about how some of the plumbing systems work and what they’re designed for.

In the case of commercial buildings, sometimes you’re just stuck in a certain situation or you’ve got a certain budget that requires some wiggle room. So, do all the research you can and try to find some projects you can do yourself.

For safety and legal purposes, installing new gas lines in Hunterdon County is not one of those projects. You could end up spending more in fines, damages, and other costs when trying to do this work without a professional to help you. It really is that serious.

Is this just another instance of bureaucratic red tape? Or is there some science behind making this kind of work illegal for someone who isn’t licensed to do on their own? Let’s find out.

DIY Gas Line Work Is Illegal for a Good Reason

As we just discussed, DIY gas line installation can be extremely illegal to the point where you could be charged with multiple fines when trying to do this. Here’s the reasoning behind why these laws exist.

Basically, gas lines can become fire hazards when they’re set up incorrectly. In order to ensure that every gas line is set up to a certain code, it’s required that anyone who installs, repairs, or maintains a gas line goes through some licensing and certification processes. This means that everyone can safely assume that when they enter a commercial property, it’s safe and the gas lines aren’t at risk of leaking and causing a safety concern.

While you might be able to install gas lines on your own, would you trust another building owner to do the same and not tell you about it? This basically is a way for everyone to operate cleanly, efficiently, and it puts customer, guest, and employee safety first.

Gas Lines Need to Be Set Up Safely

Not only is DIY gas line work dangerous to your customers, employees, guests, and partners, but it’s also dangerous for you. Gas lines need to be airtight, and a leak can spell disaster for any building.

Trying to hire someone that isn’t specifically licensed for this kind of work will lead you into a situation where you just have to take their word for it and put your own personal safety in their hands. To us, that’s just not good enough.

Our team is licensed, insured, and certified to work on gas lines, so you don’t have to worry about safety at all.

Commercial Properties Can Benefit From Professional Gas Line Work

Do you have other plumbing work that needs to be addressed? Then why not call one number for both your gas line work and your plumbing needs. Get everything done by the book, up to code, and at the most affordable price point available by calling our team of professionals.

Schaible’s Mechanical has the licensing and certifications to get your gas line work done today. Contact us!

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