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Modular Heating Is the New Big Thing!

When you think of modular, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps a modular couch that can be put together as a sofa or a sectional? Or maybe you think of a modular home that is fit together like puzzle pieces depending on what a certain consumer wants? These are all true, but what you probably haven’t thought about is how your commercial heating system in Hunterdon County, NJ can be modular and save you a lot on expensive costs down the line.

When we say a “modular heating or cooling system,” what we mean is a system that can be mixed and matched based on the current needs of your building or business. If you’re starting off only using a certain section of your building while you do renovations on the other section, you’re still going to want to heat and use that first one. A modular heating system can be the perfect way to get your business up and running while you make moves to expand and improve.

Replacement Is a Lot More Expensive Than Additions

One of the major reasons why we want to tell our commercial customers about modular heating and cooling systems is that they can save you from a tough expense down the line. Replacing a commercial heating system can sometimes be a very large expense, and it hurts the bottom line even more when that heating system was perfectly fine, but it’s just not large enough for your space anymore. At that point, it just feels like a waste.

With a modular heating and cooling system, you can invest in one system that is big enough for your current commercial space while thinking about how you’ll be expanding your space in the future. Then, when you’ve got new space that needs to be heated, you can invest in a new modular section of the HVAC system that works alongside your already existing unit and you won’t have to replace anything.

One of the biggest systems that benefits from this kind of modular setup is the commercial heat pump.

Heat Pumps Can Be Modular

Heat pumps are both heating and cooling systems, providing heat during the winter and air conditioning during the summer. They’re exceptionally convenient for commercial spaces that undergo all seasonal weather patterns and need a one-size-fits-all solution.

Commercial heat pumps can be modular, which is a big benefit to many building owners who are looking to expand or change their space as time goes on. Why not invest in one system now and if you like it, think about adding on another modular heat pump to keep up with your comfort demands? These models can fit on the roof of the building, meaning they’re out of the way and have plenty of space for additions.

Low Initial Investment, High Efficiency

The main takeaway from our introduction to modular heating and cooling systems is that they save you money in the long run and short run. Commercial heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, and without having to replace them as your business expands, you’ll be able to take maximum advantage of the technology while adding on new modular units. Let’s start a comfort consultation to see if your business would benefit from a modular HVAC system.

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