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Yes, Industrial Furnaces Require Inspection

When we think of the term “inspection,” we usually associate it with secure facilities, vehicles, elevators, and other systems that can be dangerous when left in disrepair.

A faulty elevator that hasn’t been inspected can easily lead to a nightmare scenario, and it’s basically where the term “better safe than sorry” comes from.

Well, we’d like to talk today about how your industrial furnace in Franklin Township, NJ fits that category.

No, we’re not talking about a legal inspection. But there are legal ramifications if you don’t get a safety inspection for your industrial furnace.

You could be the victim of lawsuits by employees or customers who get injured due to fumes, fire hazards, and other potential problems that come with a furnace in disrepair. Let’s talk about what usually goes wrong with an industrial furnace, and why a safety inspection is always a good investment.

Checking for Three Important Things

During a commercial furnace safety inspection, we look at three particular components of your system to make sure that it’s working safely. If there are any problems in the following areas, it’s safe to assume that your furnace needs repairs before it can operate safely.

By addressing these concerns, you will be protecting your tenants, employees, customers, and even yourself.

A Carbon Monoxide Leak

First things first, we need to check the internal components of the furnace. This includes the parts like the heat exchanger, the burners, the gas injectors, and the wiring (or pilot light) of the ignition.

All of these components work together to ensure that a flame is created and that heat is propelled throughout your building.

However, if there’s a crack, like somewhere in the heat exchanger or near the burner, then you might have carbon monoxide leaking into the atmosphere of your establishment.

We inspect these components to make sure that no carbon monoxide is leaking. CO poisoning can be extremely dangerous, due to it having no discernable scent but strong adverse health effects.

The Flame Sensor Is Working

How does your furnace not leak gas if there’s something wrong with the burners? Well, that’s the job of the flame sensor.

This component detects whether or not there is a flame in the system, and allows gas to move through it. If there’s no heat or flame, then it shuts off access to the gas line. We can make sure this component is working properly so your furnace won’t leak gas.

CO Alarms Are Working

Don’t forget about your CO and smoke detectors! These components are invaluable and can help your customers and employees feel safer, while being more protected. CO alarms will alert people to small traces of carbon monoxide in the event of a leak. So, let us inspect them so you can feel safe.

Couple The Safety Inspection With Maintenance

For a licensed commercial HVAC technician, maintenance can be done at the same time as a safety inspection. They’re basically one in the same.

An unsafe industrial furnace is never going to pass a maintenance tune-up, so we’ll always be able to detect these kinds of problems with scheduled maintenance.

This is the easiest and most convenient way to get this done, so why not schedule a maintenance appointment ASAP so we can ease some of the worries you might have?

You can always count on Schaible’s Mechanical to keep you safe and secure. Contact us today!

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