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How a Broken System Impacts Your Customers

For many of our commercial clients, keeping the customer happy is the top priority. That’s true for us and it’s usually true for anyone who is trying to stay in business for a long time.

The customers are going to be the ones that spend money on your products, build relationships with you, and tell their neighbors and friends about your establishment.

So, a customer that’s unhappy is going to be a net negative for you and your business, even if it’s something that’s not under your control.

Commercial HVAC systems in Hampton, NJ are going to be one of those things that need to be in good shape so your customers can remain happy.

If your commercial heating system breaks down and causes the temperature to sharply dip in your building, then customers are either going to avoid going there or they’re going to be uncomfortable.

Here’s how a broken unit impacts your customers, and what you can do about it.

Poor Comfort is Bad for Business

Simply put, customers are less likely to enter or stay in your place of business if temperatures are uncomfortable. Not only that, but a lot of the time a customer is going to be taking shelter from bad weather in your commercial property, so they’re going to assume temperatures are comfortable.

That’s why people love going to a movie theater during a heatwave: customers know that it’s dark and air conditioned, providing shelter from the sweltering heat. If it’s not, customers are way less likely to go at all.

Take a Survey of Your Customers

Here’s an option–you can take a survey of your customers to see how they enjoy the temperatures. It could be something you email out, or it could just be in person while they’re cashing out at a register.

If they’re physically telling you that it’s too cold or too hot, then that might be the signal you need to hire a professional.

Proper Temperature Control Will Be Better for Employees

Happy employees mean happy customers. This is true in pretty much any industry.

If your employees are uncomfortable because your HVAC system isn’t working, then they’ll be less likely to want to come into work or go the extra mile to help customers.

This has nothing to do with work ethic or anything like that, it’s purely due to the fact that people who are comfortable tend to be more productive than people who aren’t!

You Can’t Go Wrong By Calling a Pro

Even if your heating system breaks down or runs into problems, your customers will likely understand. They’re used to dealing with broken residential heating systems, so sometimes customers will still go to your establishment to buy products, as long as it’s not a permanent thing.

Seeing a qualified commercial HVAC technician arrive to fix the system signals to both your customers and your employees that you’re serious about keeping your business comfortable.

Business owners make mistakes, but the ones that fix those mistakes promptly are the ones that really deserve the loyal customers that keep coming back.

Get that commercial HVAC system fixed ASAP by contacting Schaible’s Mechanical!

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