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Why Rooftop AC Systems?

If you were to take an aerial photo of Flemington, NJ (especially the downtown area), you’d probably be surprised by the amount of rooftop AC units on the various different buildings. Even for small “Mom and Pop” stores or gas stations, it’s common to have a rooftop, prepackaged AC unit installed up there instead of in other locations.

Have you ever wondered why that is? Clearly, these business owners know something that you don’t, and you’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

Well, that’s what we’re going to cover today. Rooftop AC systems might be an investment, but they’re well worth the cost as a commercial air conditioning installation in Flemington, NJ. A rooftop AC is more secure, more effective, and saves you a lot of space when compared to a regular AC that needs to be supplied somewhere else on your property.

Safety and Security

The first and easiest to understand advantage of having a rooftop HVAC system for your building is the fact that it’s far away from anyone that might want to do any harm to it.

Have you ever seen a dumpster outside of a restaurant? They’re usually locked or fenced away so that people can’t access them in the middle of the night for whatever reason. We’re not saying that people do this a lot, but it’s always a risk when you’ve got an expensive piece of equipment somewhere on your property that can be touched or damaged by pedestrians.

A rooftop unit is on the top of your building, which means it’s extremely hard for anyone to get near at all. It stays secure and also safely away from any customers, employees, tenants, or anyone that might otherwise bump into it or break it.


If you didn’t have a rooftop unit, then chances are you’d have to have an HVAC system in one of the rooms of your building. This is fine if you’ve got cheap or free space, but many buildings pay for even the smallest amount of space that they use.

Real estate is valuable, which means the convenience of having your rooftop be used for HVAC equipment is worth it. Leave the rooms in your building for the parts of your business that make money or are useful to people.


If you’ve got a large building that needs to be treated, chances are you need a powerful HVAC system. These units can sometimes be very hefty, large, and take up a lot of room. Instead of downsizing for a system that can fit in your building, why not get a system large enough for your whole building that can easily fit on your rooftop?

Easy Access to Your Building’s Air

Ventilation systems are usually mounted on the ceilings, especially in offices, restaurants, or apartment buildings. It makes sense for them to lead quickly and easily up to the roof where your centralized HVAC system lies. This is just more convenient and it makes more sense when you’ve got a rooftop unit.

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