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Flushing a Commercial Water Heater: Good or Bad Idea?

Business and building owners do a lot of unconventional work to keep things running smoothly. We all have our stories of unclogging a public bathroom drain late at night to keep the morning shift from getting backed up. You need to be versatile in order to stop a problem from turning into a complete catastrophe. But the results are worth it, and all those smiling faces of employees, tenants, and customers can make even a late-night plumbing job feel like charity.

However, there are some jobs that can do more harm than good when you try to do them on your own. Flushing your water heater is one of those things–a great idea in theory that quickly turns to chaos if it’s not done precisely.

Why is this such a tricky topic? Keep reading to find out why commercial water heaters in Bridgewater Township, NJ require professional attention, even when doing something as basic as a flush.

The Safety Element

We don’t have to tell you that a commercial water heater holds a lot of scalding hot water. If you try flushing the system on your own, there is the potential for a safety concern since that water can absolutely burn you or other tenants in the building if it comes into contact with them.

A water heater needs time to cool down when it’s switched off before it can be flushed. Forgetting this part of the process is just too important, which is why we recommend getting this professionally done.

It’s One Part of Broader Maintenance

Flushing a commercial water heater is only one part of a broader service we call maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, we can adjust, repair, clean, and flush your system all for one low price. Don’t try and do half of the maintenance yourself, it’s just not cost-effective.

It Could Leak a Lot of Water

Commercial water heaters are often a lot larger than residential ones, which means that if anything goes wrong with the flushing process, you could deal with a lot of leaking water. This can cause mold to grow, structural problems with your home, and it even enables foul odors to cut into your bottom line. Don’t let your lobby or kitchen become a swimming pool, trust our team for your commercial water heater maintenance.

Too Much Is on the Line

If you’re the owner of a restaurant or a building that needs hot water on a regular basis, then there’s just too much on the line to try and maintain this system on your own. A commercial water heater is necessary for many different building functions, from dishwashers to industrial cleaners, and we recommend not jeopardizing these things.

The nice part about signing up for professional maintenance is that you don’t have to worry about anything we’ve mentioned in this blog post. Pros can quickly maintain and flush your water heater without any problems. Trust us, we’ve been doing this work for a long time and we know how to get this done by the book.

Leave the worry and stress out of the equation and keep your business running smoothly by scheduling a commercial water heater maintenance appointment today.

Contact Schaible’s Mechanical for powerful commercial water heater services like maintenance and repairs.

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