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How You Can Benefit From an Energy Audit

Energy audits are an interesting concept. They might seem like a supplemental service designed to give you information that from an initial glance is not needed. But in truth, our energy consumption is one of the most fundamental and important things we should be concerned about in this day and age. And an HVAC energy audit in Phillipsburg, NJ will give you that information and then some.

On a monthly basis, we pay tons of money for energy. Whether it’s fuel for heat, electricity for our building’s appliances, or even energy for a complex air purification system. This energy is required for modern living, commercial spaces, and more. And the amount of appliances and devices we rely on is only likely to grow in the coming years.

So, one way we combat this technological shift is with more efficient devices, appliances, and processes to combat these increased energy burdens. And you can identify the most important changes you’ll need to make with a handy energy audit.

What Exactly Is an Energy Audit?

How can we possibly sell you on the idea of an energy audit, if you’re not quite sure what it even is? Well, here’s the general gist of it.

Imagine being able to know exactly how much energy each and every appliance in your building uses. From the industrial-grade heat pumps on the rooftop to the monitors and television sets throughout the offices. This can be achieved through the use of an energy audit.

An energy audit is basically a study where licensed professionals detect energy usage over a given time and score you on your efficiency. The lower the energy efficiency, the worse your building performs in the audit. Don’t worry, these grades aren’t public and they don’t need to go anywhere other than your hands. They’re designed for you to take action on your own and identify the least efficient systems in your building.

Target the Most Severe Problems First

An energy audit is a great place to start if you’re trying to make changes for the better. Nobody has the budget to fix every single problem in their building or commercial space. The highest-priority problems are the first to be addressed, and an energy audit can help you identify which of these problems take the cake.

For instance, if your energy audit reveals that your old HVAC system is sucking up too much fuel or energy to be anywhere near efficient, that might be the first on your list to be replaced. Or maybe you’ve got an old commercial water heater that consumes way too much energy and the audit reveals this information to you. These sound like situations where you can address the most severe problem right off the bat.

Create a Long-Term Plan

Energy audits are essential for long-term commercial planning. In order to predict what some of your expenses might be next year or in ten years, you’ll need to know how efficient (or inefficient) your devices, appliances, and HVAC units are. Then, you can start to piece together a plan to address these needs and save both energy and money in the future.

Schedule your next energy audit with the pros at Schaible’s Mechanical.

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